The Boundaries Bootcamp


No matter what difficulty you are facing in your life, I can guarantee that it has at least something or maybe even everything to do with unhealthy boundaries.

Boundaries are our personal protection against energies, actions, words, situations and any threat that comes our way. Think of boundaries as your inner support system that knows how to keep you safe when used properly.

Join me in this mini course that will change the game for you and your relationships!

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About Candace

Candace van Dell is a healer, coach and guide. She was born highly sensitive to energies, spiritual understandings and the physical world reality. Her gifts often felt like a burden as they were greatly misunderstood by her family and society at large.

After years of traveling the world and seeking spiritual law, she started to open up to and own her unique wisdom. This led her into her calling as a spiritual teacher and healer.

Candace has many certifications and degrees, but she does not teach anything she has not had to learn herself. She does not talk from books or other's knowledge, her work was born from healing her own emotional wounds throughout her lifetime.

Her method is to "Get real about how you feel so you can heal." Emotional authenticity and honesty is the tool we all need to live our full life and to be guided gracefully home from our wounding. Once we heal the inner child, we can step into the purpose & life we were born to lead.